"You can never keep a Rose out

the sunlight..."

Las Vegas is known as the

city of sin which allows

individuals to indulge in vices

that You cannot partake in,

anywhere else in the world. But if you look beyond the neon lights that illuminate the strip you'll find a living and breathing city

that has always existed but is

rarely talked about. When

tourists are done divulging in the carnival of peccadillo and return to their lives elsewhere, the rest of the city still deals with its own issues ranging from teenage prostitution to a fledgling economy that struggles to keep its inhabitants employed due to its reliance on tourism. Unfortunately, that story is

rarely told...until now.


Throughout all the trials and tribulations placed in front of him, Rose has

persevered and his diligence is an inspiration to anyone who has dreamed to climb

out of a hopeless situation.

"If your time hasn't come yet it doesn't mean that it's not going to come. It means

that when it does come, just make sure you are prepared for it because it may not

ever come again. That's what I'm all about. You have to keep preparing yourself for

that moment."

Sean Rose represents the other side of Las Vegas through his music. Tales of struggle, survival, hope, and success are painted on a canvas of soulful production.


Rose isn't here to preach, he's here to shed light on the Vegas way of life that is often

kept in the dark.

"My music tells a story just like you were reading a book, or watching a movie," Rose says. "I wanted to make the kind of music that influences the city to do

better. People that aren't from here only know the lifestyle shown on television.

They don't know that a real city exists and, although the negative aspects are

present, the other side of Vegas is what influences me to create."

“And when that moment arrives for Sean Rose, best believe he'll be ready to seize it.”


Rose to the Occasion EP - 2010

Desert of Dreams - 2012

Overdrive - 2012

Smell The Roses – 2013


Nike (More Than Sports Commercial)


• MTV RapFix 1 Year anniversary

• Hard Rock Café

• House of Blues

• Undefeated LV

• Area 702

• Vegas Streats

• Nellis Air Force Base

• Club Laziza

• Daddy Macks

• A3C Festival

• Blue Martini

• Las Vegas Academy HighSchool

• Oracle Mansion

• Burbank Mall

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